what’s with these people telling me I’m “full of myself”?? of course I’m full of myself what else is my body supposed to be full of


i realize i might have scared peple with that but i have clotted, cleaned, disinfected and bandaged the wound. it isnt nearly as bad as i thought and can be taken care of without any medical assistance. im okay, just….frazzled. very frazzled. going to calm down

hypothetical question:

if i was so have, potentially, maybe, cut my finger with an exacto knife deep enough to create an anime splatter across my walls, what would be the best course of action in terms of i was being a dumbass and its entirely my own fault im too embarassed to ask for help

hypothetically, of course.


thank god i can finally go back to watching good anime again

how about fuck you no

the quality of this ep is a 4% increase from the last ones

but its doing terrible things to my emotions

i also happened to find my new favorite selfie

>has good, actual quality shows that i need to be watching

>like these tv shows arent pieces of shit

>watches living trash dmmd robot episode instead


do we finally hear the robot of my dreams sing, like for real, not a synth board

GOD FUckinG BLEss amERIC  a

do we finally hear the robot of my dreams sing, like for real, not a synth board

where’s the ASS?

that was the most carelessly “i dont actually give two shits” way to take off a gas mask ive ever seen

tumblr, we’ve made it clear i dont care much about the dmmd anime. but consider this

  • draw the shower scene
  • draw it
  • wet shirt clear
  • please i Need to